Tell Me Boss Pictures’ New Film

The film is directed by Sreechkara Mallikarjuna on the banner of Tell Boss Pictures and has become the Annapurna Studio venue for the opening ceremony of the movie ‘Kumar Raja’ in its self-directed film. The fare was fixed at 10.35 am on 21st of this month.

The main guests of this event were Energetic Director Harish Shankar, ‘Wedding Faces’ producer Raj Kandukuri, Hero Srikanth and other celebrities.

Sreechakar is confident that this film will be entertained by action, love, comedy and sentiments. We are planning to release all the shooting in the surrounding areas of Hyderabad to Dussehra.

Actors Lead roles include Kumar Raja, Priya Chowdhury, Priyanka Sharma, D10 Fame Osaka Khan. Nayathiphakaram Saiakumar as the villain, Jayat Singh is the first to be screened. Supporting artists include Satyaprakash, Hema, Himaja, Rajiv Kanakala, Raghubabu, Fun Bucket Fame Mahesh Vittu, Bharat, Jabbarthast Fame Rising King and others.

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