Do you know why IPL matches starting at 7pm?

All league stage matches in IPL – 2018 are over. Totally 56 matches have been played. Each team has played 14 matches. All matches had done at either 4pm or 8pm every day. But now in play off matches and in final match will start at 7pm. But why this sudden change came? There are two main reasons are there.

One is viewers point and the other is to make equal chance between both the teams. We now review the first reason. Till now matches started at 8pm and are ending around at 11pm. So at that time many of the ipl viewers are switching the tv and going to bed. So to make the viewers to stick and enjoy the full match and post match speeches of the players and presentation match’s time have been shifted to one hour before the actual time.

That is from 8pm to 7pm. Now the second reason if the match starts at 8pm the due factor is playing major role. The team which bats second is getting more benefit. Ball is slipping from the bowlers hand and is reaching nicely on to the bat. So in order to bring quality between the teams and to reduce the due factor matches have been shifted to one hour before to the actual time.

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