Pawan is keeping quiet his inside anger

Pawan kalyan has started his porata yatra from srikakulam district. In this yatra he said many key points of janasen’s intention. With your support I would become CM of ap in 2019 elections, janasena government will come into power, he said. He already said that janasena will contest in all 175 constituencies. So with the aim of getting power, pawan has directly and forcefully entered into core politics of AP.

In ichapuram one observes the pawan speech clearly we can point out his anger. Mainly while he is criticizing tdp, he got so much of anger. Particularly he mentioned that tdp had said if it can throw some dog biscuits in the form of some 15 assembly seats to janasena, then janasena soldiers will revolve around tdp. After delivering this statement, pawan has asked the people like this.. if they are saying that they will throw biscuits at us, is anger will come to us or not? come to us or not? will come or not..?

While asking this question pawan has shown so much of anger. And after that he again got calm down and continued his speech. So on the basis of this anger point pawan has become talking point of the policical circle. Pawan has so much of anger inside him against somebody or some system or may be against tdp. But he is keeping quiet his anger, he has been calming down his anger and targeting 2019 elections to take revenge in election form.

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