Why SRH players played qualifier -1 with armbands?

More than winning a game the main thing is whether we trying to win the game till the last minute is matters. Here with the SRH palayers the same thing happend in qualifier -1 match. In this match all srh players entered into the ground with black armbands. But why? In case of a death what we actually do? yes we convey deep condolence and we observe few minutes solince.

Here the reason for surisers team black arm bands is.. in memory of the people who lost their lives in tragic explosion incident that happend in Nangarhar province, Afganisthan. Eight people were killed and upto 45 people were severely injure. Sunrisers star bowler rasheed khan is from afganistan. And another afgan bowler mohmmad nabhi is also from afganisthan. After IPL within few days afganistan cricket team is coming to india tour. In bengaluru the team will play a single test match against team India.


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