Did you notice the new tattoo on Chay’s hand?

All know that from ’em maya chesave’ movie chay and sam are being in love. Afterwards through the times both got into deep love. They use to show love on each other. That was increased after marriage. Anyway did you notice the new tattoo on naga chaitanyas right hand? Recently chay came to the pre release function of the movie ‘officer’.

This movie was directed by RGV and chay father akkineni nagarjuna been in lead role. In this event, so many didn’t notice the tattoo which was on chay’s hand. Some had a clean observation and tried to their best to decode that. By commenting on social media some were explained the meaning for that tattoo. Samantha responded to one of such opinions.

That fan had said that the meaning for that tattoo is the marriage date (6-10-17) of chay nad sam. So sam replied like this ” Wowww you got really curious didn’t you”. But she didn’t confirm that opinion. So the fans are waiting for sam are chay’s response to reveal the meaning for that tattoo.

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