All those news on me are untrue: Rana

Lot of curiosity will be there regarding some unknown facts of celebrities. So, many news portals use to make news on that. Mainly news comes on young hero and heroines. Like Rana, Charan, Tarak.. what they did before they enter into industry is one of the curious news. So with this, if they recognize that something is wrong, sometimes comes out and answer which is wrong which is right. Likewise Rana did now.

He said that the news came on his education is untrue. Rana condemned the news of he done degree in acting after his schooling. And also industrial photography, some special course on visual effects.. all these are untrue. As per some insiders saying.. Charan and Rana discontinued in their degree first year. After that Charan went to Mumbai for acting course and Rana didn’t done anything like that.

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