Central minister appealed JAGAN to join with NDA

New Delhi : Central minister RAMDAS ATHAWALE appealed YCP president JAGAN to join with NDA. He also said that if JAGAN comes in NDA they will help him to become CM of AP. Not only that, he also given word that he will discuss the special status category mater to PM MODI and national BJP president Amit Shah. CHANDRA BABU NAIDU did a mistake in hurry. He could have been discussed regarding bifurcation promises with PM MODI, atthawale opinioned.

As we all know JAGAN too is continuously saying that he and his party YCP will support a national party which gives Special Status Category to AP. And also TDP is alleging that BJP and YCP travelling by hand in hand. Because of Special Status Category BJP and TDP distanced from friendship. Not only that TDP also saying that because of BJP is becoming close to YCP, it found fault with BJP. So among all these entire heated political situation Central minister RAMDAS ATHAWALE’s appeal to JAGAN to join in NDA is becoming sensational in AP politics and national politics as well.

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