Jagan detailed explanation on lakh crore allegations

YSRCP president, opposition leader Jagan Mohan Reddy given a special interview to a Telugu media house. In that he discussed many issues. The important one is on the allegations of one Lakh crore corruptions. He responded on the new allegation that “Jagan who already looted one Lakh crore will loot another one Lakh crore if he comes into the power”.

Jagan said that those who are alleging like that on him, if they give ten paisa part then he will sign on any way whichever way they want. Apart from this challenge he said that If his party voted to power will bring a full transparent system to curb the corruption. We will make the whole country to see towards our AP state with our anti corruption policy, Jagan said confidently.

When his father YSR was CM, the man Jagan wasn’t a politician, didn’t talk with any IAS officer, hadn’t put his foot in secretariat, and even wasn’t there in Hyderabad. Though Jagan is clearly saying like this some are making allegations on me, let them do like that only, said Jagan.


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