Lokesh gave strong counter to Jagan’s tweet on Chandrababu

twitter war

Tweet and counter tweet has been posted between AP opposition leader Jagan and AP IT minister Nara Lokesh. Jagan in his tweet by tagging Chandrababu’s name asked that whether chandrababu did any single protest or any single movement in his 40 years of political career? So for this Jagan’t questioining tweet Lokesh gave a strong reply.


Lokesh tweeted like this in his reply tweet.. “In 40yrs of his political journey, @ncbn has led many a movement for people, but the most noteworthy of them all were against your father’s corruption fuelled by your greed, quid-pro-quo deals, murders, extortions, kidnappings, land grabbing, prison killings… remember now? ” But after this Jagan didn’t give any reply to Lokesh.

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