smugglers turn gold in to paste…seized at Hyderabad Airport

Smugglers are using distinct ways to turn gold in to powder and paste. Smugglers are using different techniques in order to escape from  police department.Based on DIR(Directorate of Intelligence Revenue),the passenger who arrived in Rajiv Gandhi International Airport by spice jet from Madurai to Hyderabad in the early hours of Saturday was  checked in airport.He was carrying two covers of paste in his handbag.The paste was weighing 1.850 grams,on further examination the paste contained 1120.780 grams of gold  costs 34,57,606.


The DRI reported that the passenger has smuggled gold from Colombo.To avoid  international check he converted gold in to paste of 1850 grams.Passenger traveled from Colombo to Madurai with his associate.The passenger admitted that  he smuggled gold from Colombo and he does not carry any document to prove the  purchase of gold.1120.780 grams of gold  costs 34,57,606 was seized under customs act 1962.Investigation is in progress.Investigation is in progress.



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