Raj Mouli accepted Kavitha’s challenge for Haritha haram…

Recently Kavitha has nominated few celebrities for Green Challenge…In the name of Ex President Abdul Kalam death Anniversary on 27 of this month. Igniting minds and walk for water has launched Green Challenge behalf of Telangana Haritha Haram….part of Haritha haram OSD Priyanka vargis has challenged Kavitha and Kavitha has accepted challenge by planting three plants in front of her home….

Now Kavitha has challenged Rajmouli,the challenge was accepted by him and planted three plants in his farm house and Rajmouli nominated KTR, Nag Ashwin, Sandeep Vanga for Green challenge. Rajmouli tweeted his pic planting plants and now that tweet has became viral in Social media. Any way people are creating awareness towards greenery which is causing great happiness in nature lovers.

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