Pawan sensational tweet on Jagan comments

Janasena president Pawan Kalyan posted a sensational comment on Jagan comments in Twitter. He requested all to end this issue hereafter. When Jagan comments became viral immediately after that some Pawan fans had posted vulgar comments on Jagan’s sister Sharmila.

Many comments, videos, photos have been posted. This has been very vulgar, and some fans also bringing other family members of Jagan to criticize on their personnel life. Many political analyzers also mentioned this type of criticism and requested both side fans to stop.

So in this situation Pawan responded with some responsibility. He requested all to end this issue. And he also urged all to do not comment on Jagan and on his family members.

He said that the news came to him that some were heart with Jagan’s comments on him. And he confirmed that he will not comment on personal issues of anybody and he doesn’t have any personal differences with anybody. This post has becoming viral now.


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