Though Laskhman said no, I didn’t listen to him: Ganguly

Team India former captain Sourav Ganguly shared some interesting points with fans in Breakfast with champions show. He mainly shared the movement of taking off his shirt and rotating it. He did that in the past after North West series win against England.

Ganguly said that at that time while he was taking off the shirt VVS Lakshman who was on his left side had said to him to not do so, but he didn’t here to Lakshman word and took off the shirt and rotated, Dada said.

He also shared that he did like that because of England player Flintoff. When ODI series was drawn then Flintoff took off his shirt. So then Ganguly decided to take of his shirt, after win in Lords, Ganguly shared. But, when his daughter asked him why he did so.. He felt some bad.

He replied to his daughter that sometimes we can’t control our feelings, dada said. Like this Ganguly shared his memories of that very popular taking off his shirt at Lords stadium.

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