Mahesh babu accomplished KTR’s challenge..

The green challeng thrown by Telangana IT minister KTR was successfully compleated by tollywood superstar mahesh babu. He along with his daughter sitara planted a sapling, and watered it. Mahesh thanked KTR for nominating him to take this challenge. He opinined that Haritaharam is a grat initiative twards a go green invironment.

He felt happy for this. And he nominated three interesting persons. Two are hsi son gautham and daughter sitara. Third one is his present director vamshi paidipally. Along with mahesh babu KTR nomintatd Sachin and VVS lakshman too.

These both ;egemdary crickters already already finished the task. This harithaharam challenge is being viral no among celebraities. As we all know that mahesh babu is presently acting in a new movie in Vamshi paidipally direction.

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