Huge fine for cutting down a tree

Rajahmundry: An incident happened in Rajahmundry, that made everyone to know the value of a tree. In Rajamundry city of East godavari district, AP a woman was fined Rs. 5000 for cutting down a big tree.

Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation Commissioner Sumit Kumar Gandhi was inspecting the undergoing works in the city. While he was on his duty he noticed a laborer chopping off a huge tree. Then the commissioner immediately went to the house owner Shyamala and enquered her that why she was chopping the tree.

Then she replied that passage to her house was obstructing by that tree. Then the officer asked her whether she took the permission from any authority or not? Then she replied no. Then Commissioner Gandhi directed officers to impose fine Rs. 5000 on her and to send the fine amo0unt to the treasury.

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