Modi sarkar is on the way to confer Bharat Ratna to NTR?

This time some sensationalism is going to happen in Bharat Ratna award conferring issue. In this regard BJP government had taken sensational decision. It is said that central govt is considering four names for this. Like this considering four names for Bharat Ratna is itself a sensational.

Till now in the history of Bharat Ratna award four awards weren’t announced. When Bharat Ratna was started in 1954 3 names were announced. From then to till now that number hadn’t crossed. But now Modi sarkar is going to make sensational announcement.

Among those four names three are doing rounds. One is the kanshi ram, a very popular dalit neta. He founded BSP party which was now running by Mayavati. Kanshiram has a very full popularity among dalits after ambedkar. From so long time his name has being in demand for Bharat Ratna.

So BJP govt had taken his name into consideration. If the award would give to him then BJP could go to dalits easily and could get benefit. The second one is Advani. the most popular name in BJP party. He did so much to Indian politics from his starting journey. He is a very senior politician in the country.

Likewise former president Pranab mukarjee, he too like Advani did the most service to politics by being in congress party. He is the third person, said to be considered for highest civilian award. As per the information the fourth one is from South India.

Modi government has given priority to south India for Bharat Ratna award. But here the main sensatinal news is that fourth person could be from Andhra Pradesh. Yes, Telugu Desam founder NTR’s name is doing rounds that he could get the Bharat Ratna. If it happens as per the speculations Modi is going to create sensation in AP.

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