High Court issued notice to Kamal hasan

The Madras high court has issued noice to actor turned politician Kamal hasan for unpaid amount to film production company…  High court issued a notice to Kamal hasan to reply for the petition  filed by Pyramid Saimira a film production company by August 6th….




The company alleged that Kamal owe them 7.75 cr ,the company argues dues cannot be collected once from Kamal Hasan once Vishwaroopam-2 is released….The company said they had signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Raaj Kamal international films where Kamal Hasan is one of the partners..Marmayogi  movie is a joint project of Pyramid Saimira  and Raaj Kamal international films.



As per MOU it is said that Kamal Hasan will play a lead role in Marmayogi  and story,dialogues should be pened by him. In this process Pyramid Saimira had paid Kamal Hasan RS 10.9 cr in two instalments and company aegued tha the actor has diverted money for the production of his movie…

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