A psycho caught on cam at MP Galla’s office

Guntur : TDP MP Galla Jayadev, who has been facing an embarrassing situation at his office for about a month, got some relief on Saturday. His office staff observed that an unidentified person who comes every day, has been cutting the plants around the office forcefully. They couldn’t understand who has this kind of evil thoughts. After invain efforts to catch the miscreant they installed a CCTV camera in the office premises. This plan has given good results.

As usual the alleged psycho came yesterday night also on a bike. He pretended to attend nature’s call for some time. After that he forcefully cut the branches of some plants. All his acts were recorded by the CCTV camera.

According to the staff of Jayadev’s office, they became speechless when they had understand that the man who was cutting the plants rudely was a follower of Jayadev. He comes daily to the office of Jayadev at day time and at nights he was doing these bad things. They handed over the person to Pattabhi Puram Police Station and lodged a complaint against him.

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