Ghost in Warangal’s Collector bangalow 

Warangal :  Warangal  Collectorate camp office has completed 133 years on August 10th….The foundation stone was laid by Mrs. George Palmer on August 10th 1886….Waranagl Collector  Amra Pali has addressed media and explained interesting points about Collectorate office and Collector bangalow…..



Amra Pali told to media that foundation stone was laid by  Mrs. George Palmer  and she was wife of George Palmer who was a Engineer in Nizam times and has built many buildings around Warangal city…..She also told that she did a research to find the identity of Mrs.George Palmer and why she had laid the stone….



Amra Pali also told that many collectors has advised not to sleep in first floor as they heard many strange sounds and sensed ghosts….she told that she is scared of ghosts and she made staff to clean the first floor….Amra Pali told she get scared to sleep in first floor and the building is rock hard strong…..the distance between ground and roof is 20ft…







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