Pawan Kalyan is like my father : Bandla Ganesh

New Delhi : Bandla Ganesh addressed press meeting after he joined in to the Congress party…One of the journalist questioned ganesh that why dint he joined Janasena party…He answered ” Pawan kalyan is like my father…..i like cinemas so much….politica are different from cinema”.


He also admitted that he likes Congress party since his childhood….He always want to serve as MLA from Congress party….ganesh has also told that he will contest  in the elctions in any constituency where Congress party asks him to contest….


He also that he wants to serve people who are in need…..That is the only reason to join in to Congress party…He felt very happy and respectable when he was honoured by Rahul Gandhi….


Earlier,Bandla Ganesh has joined in to the  Congress party….He told that he likes Congress party ….He also stated that the party has sacrificed many things for the goodness of people and country….MLC Bhupathi Reddy has also joined in the Congress party…..


In this process, Rahul Gandhi has invited this two leaders in to the party by honouring them with shawl ….Later Rahul Gandhi has conducted meeting with Telangana Congress leaders and enquired about the position of the Congress party in Telangana……




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