Garikapati sensational decision

Maha sahasravadhani garikapati narasimha rao who touched crores of his fans with his preaches had took sensational decision. From 2019 April onwards he is going to put full stop to his preaches. He said that Ramana Maharshi devotional preaches had inspired him a lot to take this decision to be silent.


But with his decision all his fans are being upset and surprised. Though his decision is his personal fans are not happy with it. His devotional preaches were reached to every Telugu family. His preaches had reached to every person who has phone. There is no Telugu person who was inspired with his words.


Crores of his fans are requesting him to rethink on his decision. In such a way he became part of Telugu people. On the other side his son Gurajada is going to start preaches very soon.

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