‘SUBHALEKHA + LU’ movie review

MOVIE NAME: “Subhalekha + Lu“

Eekshanam rating: 3.5/5

Starring: Srinivasa Sai, Priya Vadlamani, Diksha Sharma Raina

Director: Sharath Narwade

Producer: Vidhya Sagar

Music: K.M.Radha Krishnan

Release Date: 7th December 2018


About Movie: Subhalekha+lu is fully justified by its name. A beautiful journey of 3 loves, that too in a family. These love stories will show you present day’s scenario. You would get very natural feeling. So emotional, everyone would be very touched with the movie. Many problems will come to these love stories and finally ends in a very happy mood. This movie had hit theaters on the 7th Dec let’s seen in theatres..!


Chandu(Sai Srinivas) is an upcoming hero. He acted very well, very natural in the movie. He is an individual who is despised by his family. He gets back home to his town to go to his progression sister’s wedding. Amid this time, he additionally experiences passionate feelings for his maradalu Sirisha(Priya). Then again, Chandu’s progression sister is infatuated with another person and chooses to abscond with him. This strained mystery of hers is spilled to Chandu some way or another. Rest of the story is regarding how Chandu takes care of this issue and wins everybody’s heart in the family.


Music: Background score by K.M.Radha Krishnan was good

Cinematography: By S Murali Mohan Reddy was Okay.

Editing: By Madhu was good.

Direction: By Sharath Narwade convey a solid story point.



Youthful Entertainment

Sai Srinivas

Deeksha Sharma

Priya vadlamani


Analysis: Hero Sai Srinivas acted very well. His love story and his heroism will surprises you. He would give you the feeling of boy of our next door. Firstly he faces bitter experiences from his family for his joblessness. But for his career groth he keeps on doing hard work. Mean while come to his home to take care of his sister’s marriage. But a big problem comes and he solves that. So he gets very good opinion among the family. But he again faces another very big problem. At a crucial point he was ordered by his father to get out of the home. But finally he again mingles with family with a very big surprise. Sai’s execution amid a few offending scenes highlighting his family was the first rate.


Deeksha Sharma was additionally great in her job and capably upheld the film. The other courageous woman, Priya likewise completed a fine occupation in the passionate office. The performing artist who assumed the job of legend’s sibling was choice. His adoration abhors association with the legend was pleasantly executed.


Camerawork, background music are very nice. All in all, this movie is a fully family entertainer. A beautiful  journey. Overall ShubhalekhaLu is a good entertainer movie, emotional and heart touching scenes will impress you a lot.

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