Lagadapati phone call became sensational

Hyderabad: Andhra octopus lagadapati rajagopal has been calling to kutami candidates through mobile phone. And conveying congrats to them by saying kutami is going to win this election. Particularly he is calling to specific contested candidates and conveying his congrats by saying those are going to win. In this process he had called to jeevan reddy and said he is not only will win and would get the minister post also. This was revealed by jeevan reddy himself.


Lagadapati recently had called to some kutami candidates and opinied that they will win the election. He also said that 8 to 10 indipendant candidates will win this time. But TRS leaders are saying that Lagadapati survey is all in all a bogus and his words are also a bogus. They are being courageous as per all national surveys TRS will emerge as winning party. Within another 24 hours full results will come. But meanwhile Lagadapati calling to some and conveying congrats regarding kutami winning is became sensational.

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