25 year old judge Aishwarya died in court premises

Guntur: Narasaraopet additional juniper civil judge Aishwarya has died suddenly. She is 25 years only. She wasn’t married. So she along with her parents has been staying in the court premises only. As per the information she had accidentally slipped and fell down. With that she became a bit unhealthy, consequently had put leave to the court.

Meanwhile today in the early morning around at 4:30 am she had made coffee to her parents. But suddenly fell down. So then without late she has been taken to near by hospital. But doctors said that she was already died.

So by knowing this news all lawyers and judges are Rushing to to see her dead body. Nobody can stop Aishwarya’s parents from crying. This incident has made all people in that area and in the court to be deep shock.

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