Raju pahalwan.. Iconic wrestler of Telangana

Raju pahalwan is not a small name. He is the iconic wrestler of Telangana. He got more success in wrestling. Fought with many opponents. In the starting stage of his wrestling journey, raju as a youngster who came from a poor background surprised all. With his tremendous wrestling technic, easily defeated many seniours. All were in surprise and been in shock by seeing his speed. In his peek stage of practicing wrestling used to drink 5 litres of milk for a day.

But because of the bad fate he was not highlighted in the career. Though he had the capability of bringing medal in Olympics for India, financial support was not there for him. He was capable of getting medal in Olympics. His friends got the chance to play in Olympics. For example his friends like Yogeswar datt got medal in Olympics. And also raju pahalwan is capable of being dhronacharya for Telangana wrestling. In this way, as a trainer he has been giving training to many youngsters and making them as gems in wrestling.

He is service oriented

His main moto is to turn youth to think in positive way and to be beyond negitivity. That’s why he alongside with giving wrestling training.. also maintaining a gym. In this gym he is teaching wrestling to youth. He has so many plans in his mind regarding youth and mainly regarding wrestling. Thats why he is thinking towards wrestling youth manufacturing accodemy. This is his dreem too. Raju pahalwan is very very fond of wrestling. So he has been conducting wrestling competitions. Sice last year he has been conducting Telangana state wide wrestling cimpition. Big stalwarts are participating in this event as guests. Many participants are very enthusiastic to participate in this event. Many prices also beeing given to the participants. He is the unproclaimed dronacharya for telangana state wrestling.

Telangana wrestling competition

This year also he is conducting state wide wrestling cimpition for youth from 23rd to 26th, January 2019. This competition will take place at rambhag temple ground, bhagyanagar, attapur, rangareddy district, telangana. Planned in very big way. This iron man(Raju pahalwan) likes the Indian iron man sardar vallabhai patel. That is way he had put the competition name after patel saheb. Like patel saheb raju pahalwan also has unity, nationality attitude. He also likes Indian culture, and purely follows it. And also he replicates un his every deed. He keeps on doing like this with his wrestling art. Previously he fought in wrestling, now teaching the wrestling. He is service oriented, that’s why he concentrates more on society rather than profitable works. Raju pahalwan the great warrior in wrestling, the Telangana wrestling builder..

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