Defeat stress with YOGA!!

Defeat stress with YOGA!!


According to sage Pantajali, yoga means “chitta vriddhi nirodha” – Removing the disturbances of the mind. So, Yoga is a process of mastering the mind.

The root cause of stress is not having faith in oneself, which leads to negative thought process of one’s mind and these thoughts start depressing the person.

When a person is in stress his thought process stops, when the thought process stops, negativity master’s his mind.

Thereafter, it may lead to different issues and in some cases suicidal thoughts of the individual.



In yoga, we have certain techniques to overcome stress.


Pranayam is the easiest and ideal way to overcome stress.

We may have a doubt and may not believe how pranayam helps to deal with stress.

Here is how it goes…..


Pranayam means conciuos awareness of our breath. It is a rhythmic breathing pattern done with conciousness.


In the process of Pranayam, the first and foremost thing that happens is our whole focus of thoughts shift onto our breathing pattern(inhalations and exhalations)

After practicing the pranayam for 5 – 10mins the mind nerves relaxes and one feels very refreshed and pleasant.

If anyone practice and experience this process, how can one become stressful!!!??

So, Pranayam(breath) unions our mind and body.

Remember, mind is the king of senses but BREATH is the king of the mind!


Note : NADISHUDHHI PRANAYAMA is the best practice to overcome stress. Before starting the practice, LEARN IT CORRECTLY from a yoga instructor and take advice as it may act in reverse if done wrongly.

N. Livankar

Certified Yoga Trainer (S- VASYA)

Diploma in Physiotherapy

M. A Psychology

Cell : 9676094092


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