Police Complaint against me, It’s surprising : Bhanu Priya

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Samarla Kota : Veteran Actor Bhanu Priya expressed surprise at the police complaint that has made against her by a servant maid in Samarla Kota, East Godawari District, Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking to media on Thursday she made it clear that the allegations that had been levelled against her were mere false. She alleged that the servant maid had stolen atleast Rs.1.50 lakh in cash, some golden ornaments, a camera and an I-pad from her home.

“After knowing about the servant maid’s mischievous deeds, I her to say why she has stolen all these things and cash. But earlier she hadn’t revealed the truth, after some more talk, she has accepted her wrong doing. I called her mother to take back her daughter. Then her mother has returned some of the things she has stolen. Her mother told me, before she has gone to her home town, that the remaining things will also be returned. But eventually she lodged a complaint against me. It’s very surprising” Bhanu Priya said.

Prabhavati, the mother of the servant maid lodged a complaint with the police. She alleged that her 14 years old daughter was molested by Gopala Krishna, the brother of Bhanu Priya. “I asked Bhanu Priya to send my daughter back. Then Bhanu Priya has threatened to make a complaint against us” Prabhavati alleged in the complaint.


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