Purandeswari emotional counter

Vijayawada: Daggubati purandeswari was deeply hurt. She given emotional counter to criticism on her family. Her son Hitesh has joined in ysrcp party. As hitesh along with his father daggubati venkateswara rao met jagan and expressed his interest to work with jagan. He may contest from paruchur constituency of prakasam district. On this occasion some criticism has come out targetting daggubati family. So emotionalized purandeswari responded strongly and had given counter.

It is rather sad that people can politicize issues that are very sensitive and private, such as child birth. This reflects the lack of sensitivity of the concerned. Does the person know that I had lost two children, one before my daughter and one before my son, that has called for special medical intervention, due to which I had both my children in the US? Does anyone know, that it was my Father, Late Sri NTR, who forced me to have my daughter in the US? The intent to target me, personally, despite my repetitive reiteration that I had no say in THE EPISODE, rather displays the narrow attitude.


Is anybody aware that, entry into TDP was denied, when DVR wanted to come back? Is anyone aware that the diktat from TDP Supremo to BJP was , to not give me the ticket in 2014 elections? To those who claim, that I did not work 8n the interest of the State at the time of bifurxation, did CBN in his letter to the center, accepting the division of the ask for anything, at least Polavaram in the interest State. Do not take my word, but go through his own letter. Where as I can proudly claim, that I fought for every word in the bill and my then colleagues, like Killi Kruparani are witness to it.


My entry into Congress– please answer; does it mean that if TDP Supremo did not want us in the Party, then should we forget public life? Please do not forget that DVR has his cadre to protect. My entry was unplanned and circumstantial. I consider it a God given opportunity,to which I tried to do justice. But TDP joining with Congress was for total political gain. But I never questioned that. All that I questioned was, whether it was right for Parties with different ideologies to come together for short term gains. In every family there are differences of opinion on 8ssues. My son is an independent adult.


I have placed my thoughts before him and he has taken his decision. I had told Ram Madhav ji about my son’s intent and also that I will retire from politics. But, he categorically said that I should continue in public life. To link the two parties because of this again a refkection 9f narrow thinking. Please, when Suhasini contested from Kukatpally, I definitely gave her a piece of my mind, but when she decided, I went to her home and blessed her. Even after she lost I called on her. My love for my family goes beyond politics. I have never ever delved in personal attacks on any person. Please, do not hit below the belt, on sensitive and personal issues, like, my children and family.

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