Hyderabad Talwars Along With TCA

People who live in other countries, never forget their origin. Their love towards their culture, language and home country people is invincible. That’s why most of the NRIs will invite celebrities from their home country and have get togethers and felicitate them with lots of love.

Successful businessman, Mr.Ramesh is a permanent Resident holder in south Africa. He also established indo Africa media company and did many cricket activities. Now for the first time Mr. ramesh is collaborating with the most popular celebrity cricket celebrity cricket team under stars & cricket entertainments company which will be participating in this tour. This events main motive is to create cancer awareness among people and also exchange socio- cultural vibe, between telugu people and south African people. Tollywood heros will be playing cricket match with members of indo African company.

Young and multi skilled actors whos a successful entrepreneur cum philanthropist is the founder and chairman of stars and cricket entertainments company Mr. abhinav sardhar along with the co- founders actor Mr. sreedhar rao, srinivas, lohith and sreedharr bandaru (NRI), Mr. Kishore tataworthy, shanee, shared their views on collaborating with indo American company.

Actors srikanth, sai dharamtej, naresh, tarun, Nikhil, sunil, sandeep kishan, prince, samrat, sardhar, sreedhar rao, lohith kumar, srinivas and singers dhanunjay, kaushlya will be travelling to south Africa on 16th may.
Talking to media Mr. abhinav Sridhar said he is very happy to be associated with indo African company and assured that Hyderabad talwars will always give first priority to create social awareness and any activity through sports and entertainment which will have good impact on peoples life & lifestyle.
Abhinav sardhar thanked Mr. srikanth and all the stars for coming forward and encouraging supporting to do this event in a large scale.

Speaking on this occasion, srikanth said we are happy to collaborate with indo African company members, cancer is a deadly disease and we are happy to create awareness on this he said we should be responsible for our own life.

Mr. Ramesh speaking on this occasion shared his happiness to be a part of this wonderful event and assured to many event s in future.

Bhupal, Srinivas, Founder kishore, Singer Kaushalya , Sridhar, Tarun, Allarinaresh, Sunil, Nikhil, prince And many other celebrities attended in this program.

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