RK Roja as AP Home Minister?

Elections over in AP. Results will come on 23rd may. Mean while so much of discussions and estimations are going on. This has been creating so much curiosity and a type enthusiasm among all. Irrespective of the result every one of a particular party is very confident about their party’s win. Directly TDP, YSRCP also very confident in this. If TDP come into power again how will be the situation and vice versa if YCP comes into power what will be the AP’s political situation is the main talk of the country.

In this angle many people and netizens in social media are have been discussing and expressing some of their own conclusions. If we take the condition of if YCP comes into the power we all know that Jagan will be the CM. But who is number 2? Who is number 3? These type of questions doing rounds among people as well as in media. In this thought process women angle also coming into the discussion.

If we search for powerful women in YSRCP first RK Roja will comes into mind. She has her own style of fire brand image in AP politics. Some YSRCP fans are saying that if Jagan becomes CM then Roja might be the Home minister of AP. It may happen or may not happen but has become as a interesting discussion point. In the past Jagan’s father late YSR also took a crucial decision by making Sabitha Indra Reddy as a Home minister. Likewise Jagan too may take the decision of making a lady as a Home minister.

Along with Roja other important YCP politician’s names also circulating for important political positions. And another important point is if Jagan come into power how his behaviour will be towards Chandrababu and TDP? And if Chandrababu again comes into power how his behaviour will be towards Jagan are the important discussion points. All these questions may get the answers after the election results (May 23).

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