Do your words translate into actions?: Kala Venkata Rao

Amaravathi : Andhra Pradesh State Telugu Desam Party President Kala Venkata Rao has lambasted the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for
his low level politcs. In a letter to the PM on Sunday Kala Venkata Rao questioned what Modi did for the people of Backward Castes and
marginalised sections. Why Modi has attributed the criticism against him to the entire backward community? Doesn’t it equal to stoop to the
low level of politics?, he asked. Using the caste for political gains is unconstitutional, he asserted. He asked Modi to tell even a single act
that he has done for the welfare of the backward communities. a

“Why don’t you get pass the bill meant for the reservations for BCs in legislative houses? Isn’t it stooping to the low level of politics when
you say the criticism against you that you are a thief for guarding the economic offenders will refer to the entire BCs?” Kala Venkata Rao asked Modi

Drawing lines between the budget allocations of the AP State and the Central Governement of BCs, “The Union Budget allocations for atleast 70 crore BCs was only Rs.7,750 crore. The AP State Budget allocations for 2.5 crore BCs was Rs.16,000 crore. You are showing affection towards BCs only through words, but your actions are not upto the mark. There has been a demand for creation of a separate ministry for BCs in the Union Cabinet, but you are ignoring the same. Now the entire nation hung its head in shame for your power mongering actions which provocate hatred based on the lines of caste, religion, region etc.” K V Rao alleged.

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