KCR strategies for Jagan’s win

There is a quite difference between Telangana and Andhra elections. And similarity is also there. On one single factor Elections had happened in both the states. That factor is KCR. Yes, in Telangana elections AP CM Chandrababu Naidu did election campaign against KCR. But KCR by utilising anti Babu and anti Andhra factor got positive result. Many political analysers are saying that only because of Chandrababu’s campaign in telangana KCR got higher majority.

However keeping all aside, Chandrababu too took the angle which had positive affect in Telangana elections for KCR. By taking anti Telangana and anti KCR campaign Chandrababu tried to apply Telangana formula in AP. Babu in his campaign mainly targeted KCR. He said, if Jagan wins it will be KCR’s rule in AP. But here KCR had taken a crucial decision to not interfere in AP politics.

Some political analysers are saying that KCR’s decision to not involve in AP politics will be against Chandrababu’s plan. If KCR comments or campaigns against Chandrababu, it will be more useful to TDP. In an interview KCR’s daughter Kavitha too said that we won’t interfere in AP politics and will not comment on Chandrababu’s comments against TRS. She also gave a reason for that, if they comment against Chandrababu that will be useful to TDP.

So now a discussion is going on regarding KCR’s silence. To defeat Chandrababu, which gets Jagan’s win, KCR intentionally been salient? Though Chandrababu did many allegations on KCR, he didn’t responded. This has been said as a KCR’s superb strategy for Jagan’s win. However for the perfect result all have to wait till result date, March 23.

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