My experience as a volunteer in Hyderabad Rama Krishna Math

Hyderabad: Since my childhood my mother wanted me to join in some or the other course in Rama Krishna Math. We would visit the Math frequently to grab the information about the courses and would buy books from the Math’s book stall. 18th of February 2015 unexpectedly my classical dance journey began in Rama Krishna Math on the occasion of Maha Shivarathri. After 4 long years I still look back to that evening and night I’ve spent in the devotion of Lord Shiva at Rama Krishna Math. Luckily last year I have grabbed an opportunity of attending “The Youth Camp 2018” through my college. What a blissful day it was. Later on, through one of my friend I got the information about the Total Personality Development Course 2019. It was a course of 12 days for classes 10th, 11th and 12th. What mind blowing and inspiring sessions they have conducted! I have got habituated to the Math and now I have been working as a volunteer here. There are lots of things which we learn in our life. In this kind of generation there are hardly few such people who want our nation to develop in the sense of spirituality, devotion, hard work, honesty and being self-depended.

As a volunteer I see the hard work and the efforts of the Swamijis in the Math trying to provide and expand a child’s knowledge. We are proud to say that our nation’s culture and heritage is still being preserved here. Lucky are those who get such great opportunities of coming to Rama Krishna Math and following the path of “The Holy Trio”.

There are many courses to attend but only few are selected by the grace of Shri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa. I feel like children of this generation should be encouraged and get exposed to such things for their bright future. Education and Entertainment both are important in our lives but “Edutainment” must become a part of our lives to understand who and how we are.

– – Deepshikha Patangay, Volunteer, Ramakrishna Math Hyd.

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