“Right Step In Right Path For A Right Journey”

Hyderabad: I am not a writer, nor a philosopher, nor a theorist. I am a common & simple mother like everyone who thinks about the welfare of her family. Hearing so much about Ramakrishna Math’s discipline and excellence, a thought kept intruding my mind, ” why are kids always forced to do everything? They see their elders and learn to do everything.” So,i applied this thought in my life, participating anxiously in Parents Motivation Course to learn the golden secrets of life.The Godly, green surroundings of the math mesmerized me immensely.

The oration of Swami Bodhyamananda made me to realize that there is so much to learn and make others learn in this world. The daily prayers offered by us just enlightened my spiritual knowledge. The awakening speech by Shri. V. Vishwanand was so spiritual. The only great saying remembered till date, is what ” The God gifted us with children. Give the child back to God again.” is an utmost immemorable glimpse.

The sentences of Shri B.S.N Murthy reflected our personality in our daily lives. Also , to understand our children.s wishes, and interests in everything. The talks of Mrs. Nagachandrika about the circumstances in our society awoke us to arise. & Mrs. Mrudula explained us to build up courage and encourage our kids in the best method. She also explained about a learning disorder named “Dyslexia” that is found common children and to takenecssary care n by helping the kids suffering with the disorder.

Hence to conclude, that we as the SAMSKARIS2019 of RK Math realized that we have taken “RIGHT STEP IN RIGHT PATH FOR A RIGHT JOURNEY”

—A Common & Simple Mother

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