Ramakrishna Math is the place for peacefulness

According to me Ramakrishna Math is the place for peacefulness. I started my journey as a volunteer in 2016. As a volunteer I learned so many things like how to serve, how to hold glass, how to talk with devotees, how to handle the situations etc. These all are small things but small things makes a lot of difference. Initial stage of volunteering service I used to get scoldings and I felt alittle bad but later started loving scoldings because the one who scolds us they love us and they make us to walk in a right path. Now I am taking handwriting classes in Ramakrishna Math with the support of swamiji and other volunteers. I never felt that I am good in handwriting but I am interested in writing from my childhood. Swamiji( Swami Bodhamayananda) acknowledged me and encouraged my talent. When you remove the peel of banana, you get to know the taste. The same way you can acknowledge talent of your kid through sending to Ramakrishna Math. Every kid is special. Thank you so much for giving a wonderful opportunity as a volunteer in Ramakrishna Math.
Pavani, volunteer of Ramakrishna Math.

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