My love towards volunteering….

Usually, my parents used to force me to attend the classes / courses of Ramakrishna math. But, I didn’t show any interest in such activities. Finally, the day came, when I joined a course in Ramakrishna math by the force of my parents in total personality development camp (TPDC). It was of 13 days course for 10th and intermediate students.

We used to meditate for a while, chant mantras, bhajans and used to go to respective classes. The first few days were hard to mingle with the environment. Later on, I was habituated. By the way, if there is no pain, then there is no gain. So, we have to struggle to gain human excellence. I was inspired a lot by R.k math. Finally, the day came when I have to leave the math. But my heart didn’t agree to leave the math. But my heart didn’t agree to leave the math. So, April 21st, it was my day and kept a leg ahead to work as a volunteer in Ramakrishna math.

My day begans, shows me what is life, who am I…. Each and every part of the math teaches us a lesson. I was greatly inspired by swami Vivekananda, the great guru Sri Ramakrishna and the Holy mother Sri saradha maa.

Ramakrishna math is a huge mango tree, which has fruits of knowledge, being youth of India it is a golden opportunity to grab all the fruits and make Ramakrishna mission fruitful.

Being a young volunteer in rk math, I would like to serve to rk math till my last breath



– N. Sudha keerthana

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