The Life –Long Journey of Learning…

My journey in Ramakrishna Math started in my secondary schooling around 2010 as a student of balavikas, where it all started with a statement;

“Blessed are those whose bodies get destroyed in the service of others.”

And these few words were so fascinating that they bring me to math till date. As my journey continued I learnt about the emotional power, certainty and the physical power needed to fulfil the purpose of life, where this purpose needs to be bigger than us and this purpose simply means the desire that suits an individual which is ultimately your strength. Here’s when i discovered my strength to be Archery. As I started practising I had a fear of losing my grip over studies. That’s when the words I have heard many times in math striked my mind,

“Create an environment aligned to your goal and be flexible enough to change the way for better results.” These words gave me the confidence of implementing my archery knowledge in my studies too. Right from science to social sciences, I found a practical answer for every theoretical question. This experience made me realise “my desire to play made me work this long…” and that’s when I understood the literal meaning of the phrase “Aeroplanes are made to fly.”

This phase of achieving knowledge by a lot of experiences moulded me for better understanding. As I continued to come to math as a volunteer, I started kids about archery. Gradually observing the keen interest in the kids I started exploring many new things about the game. In this little journey of teaching archery to the kids, one of them questioned me; “India khelna aasan hai kya?” and this statement keeps me motivated every time I hold my bow. These opportunities given in math given in math make me realize my potential and help me grow as an individual. These words inspire me in every step I take


-Sreeja volunteer, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad.

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