Dirty Feet’s SUMMER SEED RACE 2019

Summer is a good time to be outdoors under the trees enjoying the cool shade as well as to pick and collect a wide variety of SEEDS. These tiny little powerhouses brimming with life offer an insight into the fascinating facets of nature. This event is a humble attempt to get each one of us to spare a moment for the green blessings that we have taken for granted. One doesn’t need to know anything about plants to get going in this race. In fact, the race will be a great way to learn about them. And we believe that this sensorial and tactile act of rummaging, gathering and collecting seeds will contribute in kindling a genuine interest and connecting all of us intimately with our immediate natural world.

Venue – Sanjeevaiah Park with the support of HMDA-Urban Forestry division the event was conducted. As,

Sanjeevaiah Park offers amazing scope with its vast expanse and the wide variety of flora and foliage – so we selected this as an apt venue.

5 teams participated – so as to say 5 families participated. totally 23 participants – fathers, mothers, kids and a grandmother too.

It felt great that despite the 45 min walk on a summer sunday morning, all the participants were very interested in knowing about each of the seeds and pods collected. So Dirty Feet team shared interesting facets, uses, stories and also the reasons behind the nomenclature of each of the trees.

A mother who had studied botany during her graduation was impressed with all the info that was being shared and said that she too wasn’t really aware of so many beautiful facets of the trees that she comes across in her every day. Parents were happy that their kids were getting to know many things in a very subtle and playful method. more importantly, they all got a chance to bond and spend time together fruitfully. all the families took great interest in creating mandalas all with seeds and pods. Simultaneously, this provided an opportunity for peer learning too. Parents reminisced their childhood days and shared their fun experiences with some of the seeds with the kids as well.

Followed by the simplicity of the seed and pod games and oodles of fun that the kids were having made a parent remark – ‘We have complicated the lives of kids unnecessarily. All they need is this – opportunities to bond with nature and to enjoy the simple joys of life’.

Kids and parents stood mesmerised watching the helicopter seeds in action. They were all transported into another world – the world of seeds.

DirtyFeet is repaeting this event again on June 1st, Saturday with same venue. Interested denizens of Hyderabad can contact them on 9705125745 or www.facebook.com/Travelwithdirtyfeet

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