ART OF LIVING- Deepshikha Patangay

Life is an art of living. It is a process of developing ourselves. A person must develop a habit of searching and understanding himself or herself. In the present generation we see students undergoing the pressure of studies. The words of “Depression and Suicides” have become common among the students these days. Students are discriminated by their marks which they have scored. As they see this discrimination they intend to choose the wrong paths later. The book knowledge isn’t enough. Students must explore themselves through different activities. Life is not a mechanical process. They have to develop the process of positive thinking. The extra study materials of schools and colleges may last for a year or more than that but the teachings of ethics, values, spirituality, punctuality, discipline and behavior will be with us forever. The basic foundation of the character must be strong which is only possible by their parents and gurus. With the influence of Western culture we see the people around us making fun of our own Indian Culture. We may change our routes but sad to say that we have forgotten our own roots where we come from. We have almost lost the encouragement and courage of learning our ethics and living like ourselves. There are rarely few parents who teach ethics, culture and encourage children to develop their talents.

Let the values and our ethics rise, develop and bring joy to us. The journey chooses us as we search ourselves through our talents. Even the nature tells us to explore ourselves. A man has never seen everything on this earth there are endless places that a man has to explore. Like a traveller tries to explore the whole world there are certain places that he or she has to visit. In the same way even we humans have endless thoughts and endless knowledge to explore ourselves or the soul which we are. There is some or the other work which keeps us engaged to move on from one situation to the other. There are lots of responsibilities and works that a man has to complete but where is he? Where is his actual subject? Did he forget his own subject of surviving like him? Did he just give up or overcame all the situations which was tough for him to face? Historical stories have left an example of living so that we should not repeat the same mistakes and try to live better. There were and there are problems in all the Yugas. There are different ways of solutions but we choose the short path and make lots of mistakes which make us to regret it later. Let us search all of us, our ethics in our own historical routes. Let us increase the standards of our values, ethics, cultures and tradition, so that we shall continue these with respect to our future generations. Simplicity wins over complexity. Life is a race of searching oneself throughout the journey.

Deepshikha Patangay, Volunteer, Sri Rama Krishna Math, HYD.

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