Cultural fest by the students of Ramakrishna Math

Hyderabad: The most awaited summer camp “Samskar” Personality Development for school kids from 4th class to 10th class has been successfully completed and was concluded in a Grand manner on May 23rd for the year 2019. The summer camp is a wonderful experience for all the kids which was held from April 22nd to May 22nd in the Ramakrishna Math campus. The children kick start the day with yoga to make their body hale and healthy followed by Temple darshan and a delicious breakfast.

The kids are then taught moral values by Swamiji’s, faculty & volunteers of the math. The day is concluded with musical bhajans taught by Swamiji’s. This has been the ritual from many years and the kids learn a lot because of exposure to the external world and the serene atmosphere of the Ramakrishna Math.

On the last day, Kids displayed various talents which they harnessed during the camp. In Cultural programs there was Yoga demonstration, Vedic Chanting of Narayana Upanishad, Traditional dance on Saraswati vandanam, Music by Parents from Parents Motivation course, Skit on Kanakadas, Skit on the theme “Malupu”, Music song rendition by kids, Dance on the life of Holy Mother Sarada Devi and ending with Bhajan “Ramakrishna Sarnam”. These kids are the future leaders of India and they are the icons to preserve our glorious cultural heritage.

-Sahithi, Volunteer, Rama Krishna Math, Hyderabad

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