Positive thinking is a mental attitude in which one’s thinking level should be in a good and positive way. It even helps one build skills that last much longer and helps cope more easily with the daily affairs of life.

Positive thinking is not at all an enigma for us. It’s one of the easiest tasks which can be done within. Most of us exaggerate problems and think of negatives… WHY SO…? Because we are habituated to see the world from a negative frame. Be Scrupulous to what you think and hear is useful to society and you.

Now it’s the time to curtail this thinking of negativity. But, when we are to destroy the negative thoughts there comes the trouble of “HOW TO?” Firstly we have to attend this session of “Power of Positive thinking” at Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence(VIHE) as I have done.

There we will be taught various ways to insert positivity in us. Very simple ways of being and creating positive weather around us…1. Welcoming everyone with a bright smile on your face And always think before speaking.. So that it should not affect the other person in a negative way.

2. Search positivity in others. Let the whole of society be negative, but we have to stand strong on the positive bridge.

3. Spend at least five minutes of your meditation time on positivity. Meditate on “Sarve bavanthu sukinahaa” as we are always said to think good of others in our math, then it is sure that good even happens to us simultaneously. Our inspirational Monk Shree Swami Bodhamayananda Ji the director of Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, once stated an example of positive and negative mind… Assume a glass with half water in it. A positive thinking mind notices the glass as “half full” and a negative thinking mind notices it as “half empty”. Though both the answers are perfectly valid in saying purpose… But invalid in thinking purpose…this shows the condition of our mind and let us know where we are standing…

This example has inspired many of us and we have started being a person who can see the glass half full.

Believe that whatever you give that you will get…



-Geetha (Volunteer of Ramakrishna Math)

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