Which type of Journalism is this? : PV sindu

Hyderabad : World most popular women badminton player PV sindu is very angry. The telugu sports women got disgusted with a story in a nationwide popular English newspaper. She had questioned it in her social media accounts.


In that She had said… “Extremely disappointed to see this kind of journalism by Mr Manne Ratnakar of Times of India who had spoken to me yesterday. He has misquoted me where in I clearly said as players we all want to participate in any sports event but I would always”


She had posted a paper cutting. In that behind sindhu photo matter was written like this… “After bindra and narang, PV sindhu now urges Indian Olympic Association not to shun CWG exclusion of shooting”


In her reply she is saying that She supports Indian Olympic association(IOA) and Indian government’s decide. She had said that she never said like Sheurge IOA not to shun CWG. She also had said that Nation always comes first, jai hind.


For this Sindhu’s response another women badminton player Gutta jwala also had responded by saying this is not the first time for that journalist, behaving like this.

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