Kashmir tension KTR tension

Hyderabad: From few days onward tension situation prevailed in Jammu and Kashmir. Military forces has been deploying throughout the state. Central Home Minister Amith Shah is very busy with something regarding this as per speculations. From intellectuals to common people many are expecting something which will be going to happen soon in Kashmir region.


Meanwhile apart from the general Kashmir tension another tension has come to Minister KTR. He took social media to share his tension over Telugu students of NIT Srinagar. He had said that some anxious messages are coming from Telugu students of NIT, Srinagar as Government of India has asked for campus to be vacated and asked students to leave immediately.


He also had tweeted that… “Government of Telangana will assist you in safe return. Have alerted our officials to reach out and help. Any student/parent wanting assistance, please call our Resident Commissioner Sri Vedantam Giri at 011-2338 2041 or on his mobile +91 99682 99337 at Telangana Bhavan, New Delhi.”


So not only Telugu students of other states are also on their way to go home. Many are expecting that something may happen regarding Kashmir, that too regarding either of article 35A, or article 370 of constitution.

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