It is a must here speech: Modi

New Delhi: Lok Sabha approved Jammu and Kashmir reorganization bill on august 8th, 2019. 370 members supported the bill, 70 members opposed the bill. That means article 370 was revoked. Monday this bill was passed in Rajya Sabha. So after president sign the bill become real, and will come into force.


On the occasion of Lok Sabha passed this bill ladak MP Jamyang Tsering Namhyal had given a wonderful speech. For this speech all NDA members including PM Modi, Home Minister Amith shah were given applaud to him. In twitter PM Modi had said that this speech is must here one. Claps flow had come while ladakh MP speech is going on. When he had said that ladakh people have been waiting for  UT status to ladakh from 7 decades, the whole Lok Sabha was merged with claps sound.


Regarding his speech PM Modi’s tweet read… “My young friend, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal who is @MPLadakh delivered an outstanding speech in the Lok Sabha while discussing key bills on J&K. He coherently presents the aspirations of our sisters and brothers from Ladakh. It is a must hear!”

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