Rajinikanth silenced the audience with comments about Venkaiah Naidu

Chennai : Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth has made sensational comments about Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu that had stunned the audience for a while until his explanation. A book, “Listening, Learning and Leading”, launching ceremony has been graced by the Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and the Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Also Rajinikanth attended the ceremony.

Rajinikanth who has been trying to test his fate in politics, addressing the audience said that Venkaiah Naidu did a mistake when he had chosen politics as his career. The audience, who have listened to this comment from a great actor, became speechless and stunned for a while. Then Rajinikanth resumed his speech and said that Venkaiah Naidu is a great spiritualist and if he were a spiritualist he would have become a great guide to many people. Naidu mistakenly became a political leader, he added.

Then the audience got great relief and smiled.

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