Get ready for population control Bill…!!

New Delhi: Get ready for population control Bill, yes you are listening correctly. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may bring this population control bill. On the ramparts of the Red Fort while addressing the nation Modi stressed about population. He had said that population has been increasing to huge number in India, it should be observed.

Modi not only said this in his speech, he also stressed this point in his tweet. His tweet read, ” Population explosion is a subject our nation must discuss as widely as possible. We owe this to the future generations…”.

He didn’t say about population control directly but proposed to have the discussion as widely as possible over Population explosion. In his speech PM has said that every family before giving birth to a child, have to think that would parents can assure possible good future to child or not? Have to think over weather parents can help to the child over fulfilling child’s aspirations.

PM indirectly said that giving birth to a greater number of children could be a problem to the family and particularly to that particular child. The affordable number of children are enough to a family. Consequently, the country also could afford the population.

In the second tenure, Modi is taking some sensational decisions. First surprising decision is revoking of article 370 and article 35A, splitting Jammu and Kashmir into to union territories. And as per the viral info in the media Modi also planning to bring Religion changing control bill.

In this sequence, as the PM said in his own words at the ramparts of the Red Fort regarding the population explosion issue. It is expectable that PM may bring the Population control Bill. That is why “Get ready for population control Bill…” slogan is became viral in social media.

In the past our neighbor country China also took some key steps to control its population. It had taken the one child policy. We know that it gave negative results as old people has increased and the youth has decreased. Of course, Modi Government will keep this type of situations that happened around the world and can bring the population control Bill if it really thinks to have it.



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