Human Excellence message to Engineering first year students at G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science

Shaikpet – Human Excellence is the way for solving the problems of the present day society. This responsibility is being taken care by Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad. As a part of such campaign, the director of Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Swami Bodhamayanandi ji Maharaj visited Narayanamma college to address the first year Engineering students. Swamiji has said that Engineering students need to combine academic excellence with human Excellence to progress in life. He also told that along with Swach Bharath, Swach Soch and Swach manas are to cultivated by everyone.

Furthermore, Swamiji mentioned that Human Excellence is a combination of three factors which are : Head to think, Heart to feel and Hands to work. For head to think in the right way, concentration, will power, knowledge power and discrimination should be developed by all the students. He then asked the students if they can feel and questioned : Do you feel for your Mother land which has given so much ? And then said that when you feel and think then you can plunge into action. Swamiji reinstated that Youth are the power of the Nation and if we as youth can go forward to March on to win the battle of life then the whole nation will progress. Swamiji also gave several tips for all round personality development on how to become self – confident and self – reliant.
The programme concluded with a closing quote : “Each soul is a young eagle soaring higher and higher, gathering more and more strength till it reaches the glorious sun.”

Such inspirational lectures are a guiding light to all the present day youth to understand the real essence of their own strength and how to put a break in life when needed in certain circumstances.

Srisahithi, Volunteer at Ramakrishna math

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