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Most people reminisce about their good old childhood days. It is a memorable part of most peoples’ lives. But not everyone gets such a nostalgic childhood. Little things bring immense joy in life. It includes having the freedom to do what an average person does. In the case of children going to school, having a great meal with their friends, and learning without the burden of having to fight for basic things.

Adults who had underprivileged childhood are more likely to commit crimes. That’s because of the lack of opportunities. It is a toxic cycle which is hard to break free from. Economics, education, health, employment, and opportunities, these are all interconnected. Give young children basic opportunities, and they will very likely flourish in life. Perhaps even have a great childhood like the one you had.

The joy of sharing is an organization founded by Raghuveer Reddy in 2006, it helps children from an underprivileged background to develop, and avail their basic necessities like education, nutritious food, and more. The organization is connected with three other children foundations based in Hyderabad. Education isn’t about just getting a job. Educating people irrespective of their gender improves the quality of life. Helps people make better choices, it could be electing an efficient leader to represent them or avail better health choices, etc. Efficient representatives mean proper distribution of resources which will increase the development of the country by providing more employment opportunities. High employment translates to fewer crimes. Better quality of life overall.

Despite our steady economic development food security in India is still worse. Food insecurity is associated with increased depression, anxiety, and sleep disorder. One-third of Indian children are malnourished. Due to deficiency of Vit A as many as 30,000 to 40,000 children may lose their eyesight.

Deficiency of Vit D leads to acute lower respiratory infections in young children and Rickets which leads to weakening of bones. As inadequate Vit D leads to inadequate absorption of Vit D. It is linked to depression, certain cancers, etc.

Children not older than five years in India suffer from varying degrees of Iron deficiency, around 70.8% of young children in AP (Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana) suffer from Anemia. This leads to lower immunity towards infections, and if not corrected even leads to impaired development of physical and mental coordination. These are just to name a few, and there are more. Providing meals aren’t enough, they have to nutritious.

Most people aren’t happy or displeased with certain aspects of society, at least at some point in their life. Society is made up of people. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. If we can help children today then we are helping to pave the way for a better society. Help can be offered in many different ways. The joy of sharing has different programs to help children.

Joy of sharing has provided shelter to many homeless, and mentally ill people. They even send food and blankets to homeless people, and orphanages. Even during Chennai floods they tried their best to help victims by sharing food.

Some of the wonderful ways you can reach out to children are by

● Spend time Tutoring children,
● Spending time teaching them a skill like dancing, singing, drawing or martial arts, etc.,
● Spend time with children playing, talking or tell them stories,
● Spend time with children talking about various philosophies, morals, and ethics,
● Donate used clothes, toys, books and more.


A moment that changed India forever for better or worse was the 2012 Delhi gang-rape incident. Before this, it was taboo to talk about sexual abuse or rape in India. It is quite taboo even today but the incident has shaken the nation, and people started coming out about their traumatic experiences, it has been ceaseless since then.

People are becoming desensitized to the entire issue. It is not something people want to tackle until it happens to someone in their own circle. Sometimes even then it is swept under the rug. There are many reasons as to why it happens.

Young children are more vulnerable to sexual assaults or forced sexual intercourse. There is a lack of sex education, which makes young children easy prey to perpetrators. These children don’t know what is happening to them. Sometimes they realize it is wrong but don’t know exactly what is wrong as they don’t know the meaning of the act. They are sometimes manipulated or threatened from opening up. By the time most of these children muster up the courage to tell their guardian or someone in authority the perpetrator has probably escaped by then or evidence is destroyed.

Families due to fear of such incidents are reluctant to send their girl children to educational institutions or let them work or many restrictions are imposed. Not just children, women, in general, have been walking with a chip on their shoulder because of a possible assault. The life these children, and women deserve is being robbed away from them.

Yodha means a warrior. It could be anyone. A warrior who protects herself/himself, and those around them. Yodha movement encourages people to be brave warrior for themselves and others. In 2012 when Nirbhaya’s mother was crying for justice, the founder of the joy of  sharing, Raghuveer Reddy was moved by it, and found himself questioning who was responsible for what happened to the woman, and how can they protect themselves. This led to a new movement called Yodha movement.

A movement called Yodha was started in June 2018 by Raghuveer Reddy with support of Ork Chaitanya to prevent sexual abuse. Programs are conducted in schools, colleges, corporate offices, and various other organizations to raise awareness.

It is important to note that trying to evade the assault is not going to always work.                                   One should prepare to fight. Be prepared to never let it happen or be prepared to not let it happen again. By strengthening the mind, and body through Tae-kwon do, and                             self-defense techniques women and children will become empowered warriors who will their life to the fullest without the fear of being violated.

Yodha started as self-defense training with 20 girls in the beginning, and the number of people who enroll in the training program has exponentially increased to 120 girls in less than two months after it began. Within two months the young women training                               grew resilient and strong.

Two months after Yodha movement began, the Yodha team visited MVF Orphanage to train underprivileged in the self-defense program. Around 70 girl children ranging in age from five to 16 years were trained, and it was amazing to see them perform with great enthusiasm, courage, and strength.

The Yodha program is conducted in various orphanages in Hayathnagar, Chandrayanagutta, and Secunderabad. Nutrition rich food and uniforms are provided to these children.

Next mission of the NGO was to train 300 girls in self-defense, which was named 300 D, and it was quite successful. The next phase is to train 600 girls in self-defense. Yodha program has been introduced in four orphanages, sever government schools, and government degree college. 850 female students of Narayanaguda Government degree college were taught self-defence.

These program was immensely supported and people were trained by trained by Reddiya Nayak, and senior students who trained under him.

Yodha also includes teaching Surya Kriya, it is rooted in the ancient practice of Yoga which will mentally strengthen the practitioners. These children were HIV patients. Yodha conducted a Surya kriya Yoga Mandala practice for 48 days to enrich the lives of Children in Karkhana. It helps children learn and appreciate the power of a calm and clear mind. It has a direct impact on the body by reducing the adrenaline and cortisol hormones which make children anxious, and prone to panic attacks.

★ These children have won three bronze medals at the state level, and a silver medal at state level Taekwondo competition.
★ Won four gold, two silver, and a bronze medal in Hyderabad district level Taekwondo competition. This was achieved in a short span of five months after starting the program.
★ In Hyderabad district selections, 2018, young girls have won five gold medals, a silver medal, and a bronze medal.
★ In Hyderabad district selections, 2019, the girls have again won Four gold medals, two silver, and a bronze medal.
★ At Sannhitha foundation these young girls performed in the presence of Commonwealth delegates from the UK who were amazed by these young girls marvelous performance.
★ Under the training of Coach Reddiya Nayak, in an event in “We can do”, girls have broken tiles with their bare hands demonstrating their strength.

Yodha celebrates Raksha Bandhan with underprivileged women, and children, so they can feel courageous, and supported. To also remind them that Yodha will always have their back.

The volunteers of the organization come from different walks of life. They have played a significant role in developing and meeting the mission and vision of the organization. Because of the volunteers, sponsors, government, Police and others, the organization was able to transform the lives of people. We are eternally thankful to our volunteers, sponsors, and others who have helped us in every way possible.

The organization’s next aim is to help one million underprivileged women, and children.

The Joy of sharing, and Yodha movement have supported and helped hundreds of people and continuing to do so. To know more, and help please visit (joy of sharing dot org dot in) and (yodha dot org dot in).

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