‘Youth Leadership Responsibilities’ special session by VIHE

Hyderabad: “The growth of the country depends on the quality of thoughts of that country people..”

Become a leader. . Take an initiative. Become the change you want to see in the society.

Here is the place, which makes a person from nothing to everything.

Ramakrishna math, hyderabad is going to conduct a youth conventional session on” YOUTH LEADERSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES” on 22nd September 2019.

Guest lectures by the most dignitaries.,

Smt. Prathyusha sharma [Senior director, HR of cognizant technology solutions]

And the 21st century VIVEKANANDA

SHARAD VIVEK SAGAR. Sharad is a globally renowned enterpreneur and also a youth icon for these generation. Sagar is working in the field of education and public service as an enterpreneur. He founded the DEXTERITY GLOBAL at the age of 16years. Sagar was invited by the USA ex-president, BARACK OBAMA for two times.

Swami vivekananda says ” Expansion is life, contraction is death.”Grab the opportunity to change yourself.


—- Jyothy Yadav, RK Math Volunteer, Hyderabad.

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