The Brave man who upheld democracy

Chennai: We think of him when we think of the man with being a civil servent fought against the corrupted politics

. The Magsaysay awardee, civil servent (IAS) from Tamil nadu, who is known as the face of election commision in India is no more. TN Seshan passed away on the 10th of November 2019 at his residence in Chennai due to a cardiac arrest. He was appointed as the 10th cheif election commissioner. During his time as the chief election commisioner from 12 December 1990 to 11 December 1996 he identified more than hundred of electoral malpractices and reformed the election process in the country, notable reforms among them are, the election code of conduct, voter ids, limit on election candidates expenditure and so on.

The whole country is now mourning for the loss of a legend who upheld the power of democracy.


Condolences were poured in from political leaders and bureaucrats as the mortal remains of TN Seshan were laid to rest. His wife Jaya lakshmi also passed away last year. The funaral took place at Chennai basant nagar.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took it to Twitter and wrote “Seshan was an outstanding civil servent who served the country with atmost diligence and integrity. His electoral reforms made democracy strong”.

INC former president Rahul gandhi wrote “ when election commissioners were brave” and also wrote that bravery is lacking the poll body today.


-Anudeep Sharma, Hyderabad.

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